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Are you looking for some educational, informational,

or self-help support? Check out my Etsy Shop and Book Series below that are filled with different resources for all ages!

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Find mental health, organization, motivation and procrastination resources here. These resources have been specifically created by me for your personal, office, or educational needs. Click the link to head to my Etsy shop here!

Self-Esteem Book Series

Are you struggling with your sense of self or worth? Looking for new coping skills? Want to try  journaling? Check out Dr. Morea's series of workbooks,  journals and more below!

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It Starts with You! Self-Esteem Workbook

Are you in a constant state of overwhelm? Is insecurity or self-doubt creeping up on you? If so, this book was made for you! With this workbook, you will learn how your thoughts, feelings and experiences interact to create your self-esteem. Build confidence in yourself and your life with this workbook that takes you on a journey to a happier you. 

Hacking Happiness: Self-Love Journal

New to  journaling and need some direction? Looking for something that will challenge your thinking so you can make those necessary changes? Then this journal is for YOU! Find ways to hack your inner happiness through questions and activites. This journal was specifically designed to let your creativity flow. So break out your markers and favorite colored pens and get writing, doodling, and coloring.

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Let It Out: Teen Journal

Are you curious on how journaling can help YOU let it out? Well, if you're a tween or teen, then you've come to the right place! This journal will help inspire you, challenge some negative thoughts or feelings you have, offer you hope and give you tools to help you navigate your teen years. When you follow the prompts and use the journal to set goals and work through your struggles, you will feel empowered and see how incredible and capable you truly are.

Feelings Are Okay: A Journal for Kids

Do you have a lot of questions about becoming a big kid? Are there things that you worry about but you're not sure how to figure them out? Then this journal is for you! The questions in here will help you feel proud about the decisions you make and learn all about your emotions and feelings and how you express them. Use this journal everyday to help you figure out the tough stuff going on and ways to be the best version of you!

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Today is MY Day: Big Ambitions, Little Journal

You have ambitions. I want to help you fulfill them. With this self-love activity book, you will learn ways to find inner comfort, calm, and confidence. Follow and answer daily prompts, problem-solve life's challenges, set goals and dreams and tap into your creative side, too. Best of all, you can work on creating your own success anytime or anyplace. Because, this journal is small, it is discreet and transportable to carry with you on any adventure you're on!

Big Feelings Little Journal: For Kids

Learning new things is a big part of growing up! This LITTLE journal activity book will make this process fun! Start your adventure by discovering more about who you are and understanding ways to deal with struggles that come along. Best of all, it's mini-sized and color-free, so it can easily come with you anywhere you go and can be decorated to match YOU!

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Crushing Camp Book Series

Girls Camping

Are you nervous about going to camp this summer? Not sure what to expect? Check out the Crushing Camp Book Series Dr. Morea and her Social Worker bestie Julia Glowinski created  below!

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Crushing Camp: Time to Unpack: Kids Edition

Are you on your way to sleepover camp and not sure how it will be? If you are a camper between the ages of 7 and 11, this workbook is for you! You will learn about all the things that you are looking forward to about overnight camp and understand some of the fears that many campers have about going to camp. We will teach you fun ways to manage your worries and how to problem-solve some of the struggles that can occur at camp.

Crushing Camp: Time to Unpack: Teen Edition

Are you on your way to sleepover camp and not sure how it will be? If you are a teen between the ages of 12 and 17, and feeling excited but also a little worried, this workbook will help guide you! You will learn about some of the fears that teens face about leaving home to go to camp. We will also teach you some unique ways to manage your worries and how to problem-solve some of the struggles that usually happen when at camp.

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