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     At Monarch Therapy + Wellness Centre, therapy is built on a fluid and client-centred approach. Treatment will focus on understanding particular presenting issues, and mapping this to a client’s comfort and responsiveness to certain modes of treatment. 


     Our motto is to understand a person from a strength-based and collaborative approach. This means that we meet our clients emotionally and supportively where they are at, rather than setting a therapeutic agenda based upon a presenting concern. Focus will be on integrating multiple approaches to complete the puzzle that is best suited to a client’s immediate needs. 


     Some of the common approaches that are incorporated in sessions include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Solution Focused Therapy, Insight-Driven, Narrative “talk” Therapy, Relational/interpersonal Therapy, Attachment-Based approaches, and Mindfulness.

     It’s common knowledge that children are wired to be resilient. Despite this, childhood can bring with it many uncertainties and fears. From school, family, peer relationships and extracurriculars, children are dealt a variety of variables that can and at times do cause substantial distress. 


     In therapy, children will learn ways to cope with stressors, challenge the scary thoughts, and develop skills to foster confidence to conquer their fears. At times, this may be a shared experience with parents, in order to best serve the child’s developing coping abilities and growing mind.



     Adolescence and young adulthood carries various unique challenges and struggles such as finding a sense of purpose or meaning or managing ongoing stressors and struggles with conviction. It can also be a confusing time; exploring dating, friendships, personal identity, or future goals, to name a few. 


     One goal of working with our youth is to foster self-compassion, worth and esteem.  Helping teens and young adults feel secure and important is imperative. Instilling a sense of hope and pride will encourage the right steps to move forward in a positive direction. 


     The responsibilities of being an adult can feel overwhelming. Oftentimes this may come from symptoms of anxiety or depression, a challenging or grief-laden experience, internal or external expectations, outside influences or pressures, or even difficult relationships, past or present. 


     Enabling yourself to work through your life experiences can be both liberating and enlightening. Therapy can help build your insight, strength, and coping resources. It can create independence to live free from burden, frustration and anger in your day-to-day life. It can also empower a sense of self, purpose, confidence and worth so that a more positive view about yourself, your environment, your relationships and your future are developed.


     Effective communication is at the crux of all healthy relationships. Part of developing a mutually positive relationship is recognizing what each partner values. 


     Our team is here to help navigate the struggles that can often present at various stages in a relationship. Whether you are attempting to set a solid foundation, work through a rough patch, or develop healthy coping and communication skills, we will work hard to offer you and your partner guidance in a fair, equitable manner. 

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Parent/Caregiver & Family Support

     Parenting can be tricky, especially given there is no manual and the rules are constantly changing. With children’s unique needs, it is easy to feel discouraged or like you simply aren’t doing enough. With parent support, you will gain knowledge and learn to master how to recognize and support the concerns your child is experiencing.


     At Monarch, we will help you learn to understand the differences between what your child’s mental health needs are, and what their needs are simply as kids or teens. We will help you feel supported and encouraged to take the steps that will strengthen your confidence as a parent, and build your family as a stronger team.

Community Workshops

     Understanding mental health and how it impacts a person can be confusing. Dr. Morea offers workshops to students, parents and teachers at schools, organizations and other professionals, in an effort to help bridge the understanding of mental health and wellness.


     These workshops include a discussion and information on how to differentiate mental health from wellness and how mental health commonly impacts children, youth, and adults. Seminars will also include ways to tackle some of the most prevalent presenting concerns, such as Anxiety and Depression. To learn more, simply reach out to us to set up a program structure that best fits your organization.


Coaching Services

Life coaching

      Monarch Therapy + Wellness Centre offers coaching sessions helping clients navigate life's challenges with confidence. Our coaching sessions are designed to provide clients with decision-making skills, address work-related issues, and developing essential life skills.


     Our therapists offer a supportive environment to help you achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life. Whether you are facing a career dilemma, struggling with relationships, or aiming to develop life skills, our team is here to support you on your journey.

Coaching Services

Professional Consultation

     Dr. Morea offers professional consultation services to mental health professionals looking for support in their practice. Whether you're seeking guidance on complex cases, exploring new therapeutic approaches, or looking to enhance your clinical skills, Dr. Morea uses a collaborative approach to consultation with other professionals.


     Enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and gain insight into various interventions with Dr. Morea's consultation services.

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Professonl Consultaton
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