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At Monarch Therapy + Wellness Centre we value the importance of having easily accessible resources to support you through your healing journey. When in doubt, let's be safe and make sure that you are tending to your immediate needs. When you are in need of some guidance but aren't ready to take the therapy plunge, check out some of the resources we have listed for you below. These can serve as a supplement to whatever care you are already receiving or can be your first stop in your self-discovery. 

Clinical Emergencies

Life can come quickly and without notice. In these events, even if you have support, you may feel that you are struggling to keep yourself safe. If this is the case, let's take the necessary safeguards. 

If you are currently facing a clinical emergency, let’s keep you safe.

Please call 9-1-1 or proceed to your nearest Emergency Department.

Crisis Support

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Additional Mental Health Resources



  • Getting Better: Stories of Mental Health

  • Peace Out

  • What If World

  • What Are You

  • The Better Mental Health Show

  • The Real Pod


  • Calm

  • Clear Fear

  • Happify

  • Headspace

  • MindShift

  • MoodKit

  • Mood Tools

  • Sanvello

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