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Our Team

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     We offer a variety of services at our clinic in an effort to help support your needs. We are glad to meet you where you are comfortable in your healing  journey. We tailor our approach to ensure that your goals are being addressed in a comfortable & compassionate atmosphere.

     We are looking forward to working with you. Reach out with any questions you might have; we are here to help. To learn about each team member, continue to read below.
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Alanna Callaghan

Registered Social Worker

Dr. Marilisa Morea

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Clinic Founder + Director

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Kadeem Daley

Registered Social Worker

Dr. Sandra Doyle-Lisek

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Associate Director

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Jessica Henry

Registered Social Worker

Melissa Luongo

Registered Social Worker

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Nicole Mizzi

Registered Social Worker

Jennifer Morton

Registered Social Worker

Laura Thornhill

Stephanie Wilson

Registered Social Worker

Registered Social Worker

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Madison Furgiuele

Office Coordinator

Chloe Silva

Platforms Expert

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